The Twin Sisters Who Share A Body | BORN [Video]

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The Twin Sisters Who Share A Body | BORN DIFFERENT

SISTERS Valentina and Heloá are literally ‘joined at the hip’.

The 18-month-old conjoined twins, from Goiânia, Brazil, were born sharing hips, an abdomen, liver and intestines.

The twins are due to be separated using a pioneering technique that involves producing a 3D map of their anatomy.

But before that, surgeon Dr Zacharias Calil and his team will have to insert inflatable silicone bags under their skin, which can be gradually inflated over time to create new skin, ready for when they are separated.

And despite the risks of surgery, the twins’ parents are adamant that it is the right step for their daughters since it will enable them to live independent lives.

To donate to the twins’ life-changing separation surgery, visit:


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