Can the opposition unseat Imran Khan? | Inside Story [Video]

An alliance of opposition parties in Pakistan has held its first rally of the year against the government, demanding Prime Miniser Imran Khan step down.The Pakistan Democratic Movement – or PDM – called on supporters to gather outside the Election Commission, amid allegations Khan fraudulently financed his campaign.They say Khan accepted illegal funds from abroad in 2013Khan’s party admitted raising campaign funds through foreign accounts, but blamed illegalities on its agents in the U.S. without specifying who they were.PDM leaders say what Khan committed a ‘national crime’ and should be punished.So, will he step down?Presenter: Kim VinellGuestsShibli Faraz, Information Minister for Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party.Shiraz Paracha, political analyst and commentator.Miftah Ismail, politician for the Pakistan Muslim League.- Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website: #InsideStory #Pakistan