States step up security ahead of inauguration | PBS NewsHour | THIRTEEN [Video]

Amid threats of violent protests ahead of the inauguration, states have stepped up security, especially around their respective Capitols. Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Radio and Television reports from Columbus Ohio, Dave Boucher of the Detroit Free Press joins from Lansing, Michigan, and Rickey Bevington of Georgia Public Broadcasting is in Atlanta, Georgia for more on the security arrangements.


The history of Alberta’s Hotel [Video]

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many may not realize the parking lot between the Jordan Valley Community Health Center and the Springfield Municipal Court building used to be the site of Alberta’s Hotel: a safe location in The Green Book for African Americans to stay along Route 66. Ozarks First talked to active community member Lyle Foster about the history and significance of Alberta’s Hotel. According to Foster, Miss Alberta Ellis purchased a former segregated hospital building for $10,000 and transformed it into a rooming house. The rooming house included a large dining room, a rumpus room, a beauty salon, a barbershop, and a snack bar. “This was actually part of a black business district,” said Foster. “Believe it or not, a lot of famous musicians and guests would actually stay at Miss Alberta’s Hotel as they were performing across the country.” For many Americans, the 1950s were considered the golden age of driving. Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles took travelers through the nation’s heartland. However, many businesses such as hotels, diners, even gas stations refused to serve African Americans. That’s where Miss Alberta and her hotel comes in. “The reason there was a Miss Alberta’s is because black people could not stay and were not welcome in the traditional motels and hotels along many of our cities and along the highways and byways,” said Foster. “A place like Miss Alberta’s was very significant because it gave a safe place to stay and a welcoming place to stay.” Alberta’s Hotel eventually closed in the mid-1960s.


Florida Waitress Being Hailed a Hero For Saving Boy After She Noticed Signs Of Abuse [Video]

An observant and quick-thinking waitress in Florida is being credited with potentially saving a young boys life after she picked up on signs that the boy was being abused. Flavaine Carvalho is a waitress at a Mrs. Potato restaurant in Orlando and was working her shift on New Years Day when a family of four walked in to have dinner.


One person arrested at Trans Mountain pipeline blockade on Saturday in Burnaby [Video]

Demonstrators in Burnaby blocked access to the site along Government Street, preventing crews from working.


Analysis: Joe Biden’s planned immigration policies [Video]

Here is a look at what US President-elect Joe Biden has promised when it comes to migrants.Biden does not want detention centres along the Mexico border. He opposes the highly controversial policy of locking up children.He also does not want to separate parents and children.Biden also wants to stop prosecutions for minor immigration violations.He says he will also halt efforts to build Donald Trump’s now infamous border wall.That money will instead be used for better screening of migrants. Funds will also go towards helping migrants arriving at the border.Biden has also promised to gather with regional leaders within his first 100 days in office to come up with a permanent solution.He also promised changes for migrants already in the US.He has expressed support for DACA – a program meant to protect the children of undocumented immigrants.He also announced an immigration reform bill, which will create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people.- Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website: #Biden #US


Joe Bidens Early Test From Moscow and Beijing [Video]

An expiring arms-control deal is a chance to address hypersonics and make China come to the table.


Protests erupt in Tunisian cities amid anger over poor economy [Video]

A second night of protests has rocked several cities in Tunisia, despite a government-imposed lockdown.They were sparked by a video showing a police officer abusing a shepherd, drawing comparisons to an incident 10 years ago when a street vendor set himself on fire to protest his treatment at the hands of the authorities. That incident became a catalyst for a nation fed up with corruption, poverty and joblessness, sparking protests in that led to the 2011 Tunisian revolution and the Arab Spring across the region.Many of the issues that spurred protest remain unresolved.Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.- Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website: #TunisiaProtests #AlJazeeraEnglish