Watch: Mrs Sri Lanka has crown ripped from head, injured in onstage melee | 1 NEWS [Video]

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Sri Lanka's biggest beauty contest ended dramatically at the weekend with an onstage fracas.

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Moments after winning, the crown was taken off Pushpika De Silva by a previous winner over claims she was ineligible as she was divorced. Source: AAP

The winner of the "Mrs. Sri Lanka" beauty contest suffered head injuries after the melee.

Pushpika De Silva won the competition, but moments later, the 2019 winner seized De Silva's crown, claiming she could not be awarded the title because she was divorced.

The prize has now been returned to De Silva, after pageant organisers confirmed she is not a divorcee.

Pageant rule state that competitors must be married and not divorced.

"There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to second place," Jurie told the audience.

She placed the crown on the …


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